AGAR was born with a clear vocation for service focused on dynamic and decisive work.

Created by two food enthusiasts:

Sílvia ... She is a dynamic and decisive cook. From a very young age he has extensive experience in the management of kitchens and human equipment. Lover of local cuisine without sophistication, lover of the product without makeup, authentic and natural as herself. Tireless, kind and sincere.

Xavier ... He is a professional in the world of food, restaurant management, cost control and nutrition. An expert in different fields linked by the same thread. A very close person who knows how to convey the enthusiasm and enthusiasm to do things well. Hardworking, honest, didactic and dedicated.

La Carmeta .... She is a cook and an artist. With a long journey within the kitchens she is creative and very close.

In recent years she has developed her most artistic part by becoming a great painter.

His are the drawings of our team.

Paula ... She is a dietitian and continues to train in the higher degree of nutrition to be able to contribute much more.

She is the youngest of the team, very sincere, a friend of her friends and extremely responsible.

Xavi ... He is an exceptional chef. Trained with the greats of our country. Restless and alive, he never stops learning and advancing at great speed in the world of management.

Great person inside and out.

Miquel ... He is a strategic consultant and trainer with many years of experience and our great support in technology.

Very active, awake and a good coach for us.

Eva ... She is an agri-food engineer and collaborator of our team, developing food safety issues.

Methodical, orderly and perfectionist.

The point of common sense, calm and prudence that the team needs.


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