AGAR is a food consultancy that encompasses the fields of food in all its aspects. Our services include advice, training and management in food, cooking and catering, with a philosophy based on criteria of respect, trust and responsibility. AGAR was born with a clear vocation for service focused on dynamic and decisive work.


We are entrepreneurial professionals specialized in the world of food, gastronomy and catering with a complete training and extensive experience, which we work as external to companies. We are a trained team with a vocation for training.


Within the team we have different professional profiles in order to respond to different areas in the world of food, cooking and restaurant management.




The members of the AGAR team work as self-employed people outside the companies. We move where necessary, we work from your business or from our office.


We offer you a personalized service adapted to the needs of your business, dedicating the hours to the month you need, adapting to your workloads.


You can contract AGAR services in different ways, either with a closed budget when a project is done or through monthly flat rates with continuous activities over time. AGAR services are affordable per company. AGAR adapts to your needs and can draw up tailor-made budgets for you.


And it is that good ideas do not necessarily have to be expensive.


AGAR offers its knowledge to professionals or catering companies who want to improve their management and gastronomic proposal, to institutions, health centers and also to people with food concerns who want to learn, train or simply enjoy gastronomy with all the senses.



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